• Strength
    of a multinational

    Cristal operates seven titanium dioxide manufacturing plants, five minesites and three research and development centers spread across five continents.

  • Work with a genuine impact

    Thousands of products in our world from paints to plastic bags to aerospace parts get their start at Cristal.

  • A pioneering spirit

    Our passion for science and technology keeps us at the cutting edge of our industry.

  • Warmth of a family

    We care about our people and we support them to reach their full potential.

Cristal is a proud leader in the manufacture of titanium dioxide products, and we use the brilliance of titanium to deliver innovative solutions which improve everyday life. The work we do makes paints brighter, seals tighter and provides everything from special inks to coatings, polymers and paper to industries around the globe. Our pursuit of perfection, technical expertise and passion for technology is making the world a brighter place. And you can be part of it.

Our workplace

Our culture

Cristal is an ambitious and growing business – a leader in our field. What sets us apart, however, is our culture.

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Our people

We think of our people as family members and we treat them as such; taking a warm and caring approach to everything from employee safety to career development.

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