In our business, we see our apprentices as essential to our growth and future success. On all our global programs, we therefore offer the very best training, guidance and support – everything you need to take your place as part of our next generation of highly skilled trade talent.


Apprenticeships in the United Kingdom

We offer three distinct apprenticeships in the UK: Science, Engineering and Process Operations. All three routes last three years and will see you balance practical work experience at our Stallingborough plant with study towards a recognized qualification.

Our apprenticeships are only open to students studying towards a Diploma in engineering at the Grimsby Institute.

We take apprentices into several areas of our engineering operation, including Mechanical, Instrument & Control and Pipefitting & Welding. Our Mechanical Scheme is accredited by the Institute for Mechanical Engineers and the Instrument & Control scheme is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. We also operate to Engineering Technician standards and all our apprentices’ plant-based training is supported by a nationally recognized apprentice framework structure.

Our Engineering apprentices spend one day a week at college and the remaining four days at the plant, where they gain practical experience working alongside experienced professionals. Join us here and you will follow a structured training program that will see you rotate through various areas of the business. And as well as gaining exposure to a broad range of areas, you may also get to experience working with one of our suppliers.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you should expect to be regularly assessed as you work towards your NVQ qualification and Technical Certificate. And at the end of it all, you will be ready to apply for a Maintenance or Instrumentation & Electrical Technician position.

Process Operations
We run our Process Operations Apprenticeship in partnership with Hull College. On this three-year program, you can expect to spend 15 months at our local training center studying for a City & Guilds in Process Technology and an NVQ Level2 in Plant Operations. After this, you will join us on-site and experience life in one of our units. Here, you will gain experience of operations and monitoring the plant while continuing to study towards NVQ Level3.

To apply for this program you should hold a minimum of five GCSEs.

On this program, you will rotate through our Research & Development lab as well as Quality & Technical Services. At the same time, you will enrol on a distance learning Foundation Degree in Chemistry through Hull University and work towards a Lab Technician qualification through York College. It is a lot of work and we will make sure you are in the best position to succeed with block releases and allocated study times.

Applicants for our Science Apprenticeship must have studied at A-Level or AS-Level.

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Apprenticeships in Saudi Arabia

We offer several apprenticeships in Saudi Arabia. For those with High School Diplomas and Operations, we have programs in the Operations and Maintenance areas of our business, and for those with Bachelor of Science degrees or Associate degrees, we offer Mechanical Engineering and Instrument & Electrical Engineering apprenticeships.

All our programs provide classroom learning in addition to on-the-job training gained by working with our experienced professionals. Upon joining the program, you can expect an in-depth introduction followed by rigorous technical training. If you join us with a High School diploma, you will also benefit from English language lessons.

Once you have a solid foundation in our business and the technical skill it takes to run our plant, you will get to experience life within it. Rotating through a series of placements in different areas, you will gain a broad exposure to our business and how we work together. The length of these rotations will depend on your individual program.

Our High School Diploma training program takes 18 months to complete and our Degree and Associate Degree program takes one year. Once you have completed your program, we will discuss opportunities for you to grow your career with us.

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Apprenticeships in Australia

In Australia, we offer apprenticeships in both our Mining and Pigment businesses. Our apprenticeships include Electrical Instrumentation, Mechanical Fitting and Fabrication, and the entire program is supported by a nationally recognized apprentice framework.

Depending on where you join, you can expect to spend anywhere from three-and-a-half to four years developing on the program. Typically, your first three years will see one day each week allocated to Technical and Further Education (TAFE) studies and four days getting hands-on experience under the guidance of a trade qualified professional in the plant or mine. In your final year, you will have the experience to work full time as a tradesperson.

The program offers great flexibility, and completion of studies will depend on whether you have finished a pre-apprenticeship as well as your ability to complete the TAFE work. A structured training program takes place where you rotate through various areas of our plants and mines. Additionally, you could experience a rotation with one of our suppliers.

At the end of the program apprentices can expect to apply for either a Maintenance or Instrument & Electrical Technician position in either our Mining or Pigment businesses.

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As well as partnering with training colleges to ensure the highest standard of training and education, we make sure our apprentices enjoy learning outside the classroom. You can therefore look forward to on-the-job training and the opportunity to gain recognized qualifications as you develop valuable skills and establish yourself in your chosen field.

Our apprentice programs are designed to give you the best possible start to your career, and we expect you to take full advantage of them. That means showing a real passion for learning in addition to a determination to succeed.

What is in it for you

All of our apprentices can expect to receive a structured training and development program. You will work towards a recognised qualification whilst gaining practical experience and we will support your study leave and provide guidance to you as you work towards your qualifications.

Through the on the job training you’ll get to experience a broad range of areas in our business which will give you a solid basis for starting your career.

At the end of the program you will be in a strong position to apply for an opening in your relevant area.

Working together

Across every part of our organisation, we work side-by-side to deliver the innovative titanium products and services that our customers’ businesses are built on. From the mine to the warehouse, collaboration is at the heart of our working culture, helping us find better ways to do more and to continue to lead the field.
HR Business Partner Veronica Sargeant
Tara Thompson
Atif Al Farshooti
Process operator Bahauddin Ibrahim AL-Hawsawi
Warehouse Operator Dirk Torfs
James Fernley
Process Control Specialist Colin Welsh
Kevin Chung
Process Engineer Mario Andre de Oxossi Santos Bernardo
Senior Process Safety Engineer Craig McManus
Senior Packing Operator Mel Jones
Trainer Mathew Nicholson

Working Together

Although HR doesn't get directly involved in pigment manufacturing, as a Business Partner I contribute to its success through working in partnership with our teams to help foster a performance and learning culture, and make sure our family members have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.
I have responsibility for the training requirements for the engineering team on one of our sites. That means I identify and prioritize the training needs together with the team, and then design, build and develop the programs to meet those requirements. I'm also involved in training implementation and delivery.
Exploration Mining
We are at the grassroots of the pigment making process. We discover potential future mining projects and help with their development. We work closely with the mine planning team to get these projects up and running. These projects then become the mines that supply Illmenite, Rutile and Zircon to the pigment industry.
I'm involved in the physical extraction of loader operating through to the spiral separation of the mineral. My team is right at the primary stage of the physical extraction from the mine pit and we work with the mine planning, surveying, safety and environment and metallurgy teams on a daily basis.
Raw Material
I work with the business to source material and services for our operations. It could be materials such as coke, ore or gas, or it could be looking at training providers or office supplies. I also ensure the working relationships with our suppliers are maintained and developed.
Pigment Manufacturing
My team is involved in what we call the heart of the TiO2 Pigment process, the oxidization process. In my role I have to understand how the plant has been operating at the start of my shift and if there are any areas I need to address. I check the equipment and record the data into our operating system and if necessary take any corrective action. I also identify any maintenance requirements in my area and flag these to the relevant teams.
I'm involved with all aspects of controlling the pigment process and develop the control system to allow the operators to make high quality pigment, safely, while protecting the environment. We start when the pigment is in the raw materials stage, and take it through the chlorination, purification, reaction and treatment stages, until it ends up in the packed bags.
My job is to identify and implement continuous improvements to processes to reduce costs and increase quality across the site. Doing that well means working with different teams to define strategy – everyone from Operations and Process Control to Maintenance and Reliability.
My role helps all of Cristal's global sites achieve compliance and best practice in process safety systems and standards. As the role is not site-based, I don't directly interact with the pigment making process. However, I do work with departments wherever there is a process safety impact. This even includes departments not traditionally associated with process safety, such as HR.
We take the dry pigment from the Wet End, pack it, and get it onto pallets for our customers; ensuring that the customer gets a smart, tidy and clean product. We work closely with the Wet End operators, who we get the pigment from, and the warehouse operators, who ship the product out. We also work with technicians to ensure our equipment is operational.
Commercial Services
I prepare and pick customer orders at the end of the process when the finished product needs to be transported to the customer. That means loading and unloading trucks and placing the right product in the right place within the warehouse. Along with the rest of my team, I work with shipping coordinators, warehouse supervisors and logistic coordinators.
I work at the final stage of the process, selling pigments to our customers. However, by inputting customers' needs into Manufacturing, I can also find myself at the beginning of the process. Primarily my role is to plan, implement and report on sales within my market, but I also work collaboratively with a range of supporting teams such as Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales & Operational Planning.


Our apprentice programs vary by region but we offer programs in Engineering, including Mechanical (Fitting and Boilermaking) Instrumentation & Electrical, Science, and Process Operations. You can find more details about which programs are available by searching your region.

We advertise all our apprenticeship opportunities here on our Careers site, plus carrying out local advertising for the country where the program is offered. The way we recruit apprentices varies from region to region, so if you meet the requirements you should follow the instructions on the advertisement to apply. 

This will depend on the number of applications we receive but we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.

Our recruitment process can vary slightly depending on which location you are in but you can typically expect to take some online tests as well as a face-to-face interview.

Our schemes generally last between three and four years, and are made up of a combination of learning blocks and job rotations to give you the maximum opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding.

We offer a structured development programme to all apprentices. You will receive a blend of classroom training and on-the-job experiences, which will be supported by experienced professionals. In addition, you will have access to our online Learning Academy and will be assigned a mentor who will support you through the program.