Experienced Professionals

We value the expertise of our experienced professionals. Their constant push for excellence and collaborative approach makes us a stronger business. In return, we offer them the development opportunities they need to take their career further and the responsibilities they need to challenge themselves, in addition to competitive rewards and benefits.



From office support to facilities management, our administration teams provide vital support to people across all our sites, enabling them to work more effectively. And because we know that the more effective we are, the more successful our business will be we recognize the value of exceptional administrators.

Being organized and able to respond to shifting priorities are crucial to a successful administration career at Tronox. A can-do attitude and the drive to deliver the best possible service to internal customers are also talents we look for in this area.

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Commercial Sales & Marketing

Our Commercial team work face-to-face with our customers in areas like Sales & Marketing and Technical and Customer Service Support. What they do is as dynamic as it is varied, so while they might be drafting and negotiating contracts one day, the next could see them developing bespoke business solutions. Everything they do is aimed at ensuring we deliver to our customer expectations and own high standards.

Understanding our customers is central to all roles within Commercial Sales & Marketing, and our people here work hard to get to know our clients so we can develop the right solutions and provide the best support. To succeed in this team, you will need excellent communication skills and a proven ability to work collaboratively. In fact, you will be an expert relationship manager who can show solid technical knowledge as well as real customer insight. In addition to these qualities, we will expect you to have a genuine passion for what you do.

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Corporate Communications

Our Communications team is responsible for our corporate identity and brand development. They raise our profile in a broad range of media, from corporate publications to employee communications and advertising to films. They also build strong relationships with our investors, consultants and national and international media.

Our Corporate Communication team manages multiple projects and deadlines with the aim of helping others understand our company and sharing our news with a broad audience. Creativity and to the drive stay ahead of huge variety of channels are essential skills for a career here. Diplomacy and strong interpersonal skills are also key, as is the ability to really understand our customers, employees and shareholders.

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Our Engineering teams play a varied and vital role in making us a global market leader in the titanium dioxide industry. Providing expert technical support and advice to our sites, they ensure the highest quality products are delivered to our customers by improving safety, reliability, cost, quality, speed and flexibility.

Using their technical expertise to rise to new challenges, troubleshoot problems and develop new and better ways of doing things, our engineers are passionate about what we achieve together. They are also instrumental to our success in all of our businesses, from Pigments and Metals to Mining. With so much influence, we look for much more than technical expertise in our engineering roles. If you have a desire to be the best, to continuously develop and stay one step ahead, then a career with us could provide you with your next big challenge.

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Delivering global success and growth requires the highest quality leadership, so we are always keen to talk to talented and passionate leaders who have the vision and track record that prove they really can make a difference.

If you thrive on challenge, are excited by the prospect of developing new ways of working, and have the credibility to inspire a team of dedicated employees, you might be well suited to a career in our Executive.

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Finance & Accounting

Our Finance teams are key partners in strategic and operational decision-making. As well as carrying out forward-thinking analysis, managing our balance sheets and assessing risk, they design processes to support our operations. And as they map out finances for products and business strategies, they provide innovative, insightful solutions to challenging problems.

Our finance team members all have high levels of technical proficiency, and are able to collate and process complex data before using their findings to make sound decisions. We seek out people who have the ability to analyze information, are well organized and can prioritize and contribute to team performance. We also look for individuals who can influence at all levels of our business.  

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Human Resources

Our Human Resources (HR) team develops our business through developing our people. They provide expert advice to our managers and employees, and their remit covers everything from attracting and retaining talent  to developing the skills and capabilities of our teams. They also create leading-edge performance and reward systems and come up with meaningful ways to engage with our employees. Beyond this, they act as a trusted resource for all our employees.

A career in Human Resources allows you to choose between developing generalist skills or progressing within an HR specialty such as reward, learning and development or resourcing. Whatever option you select, you can expert diversity and challenge as part of a talented, motivated team. Our team here look for like-minded people who can show both expert HR knowledge and strong business acumen. These qualities, along with strong interpersonal and communication skills will allow you to engage with a whole range of people and partner with the business to shape how we are managed.

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Information Technology

Our IT team connect our 7,000-strong global team and provide the technological leadership that drives our business to achieve its goals and improves our working lives. The team design, develop and roll out global applications and services, managing our international information infrastructure, security and governance as they support all our sites, all over the world.

Our IT teams are constantly on the look-out for advances in technology to support our business and ensure we get the best out of any new developments. This forward-thinking approach is something we seek in the type of people we hire. We want to work with people who have a good mix of technical, business and people skills and who can work with our diverse teams to understand how they can best support our business and deliver solutions that meet our needs now and in the future. 

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Mining & Metallurgy

Our mining operations are a major titanium feedstock producer; they provide us with the ilmenite, rutile and leucoxene we need to produce titanium dioxide and make the world brighter. Our Mining team operates in a constantly evolving environment. As a result they need to constantly develop new technology to keep their competitive edge.

From Geologists, Metallurgists and Mine Planning Engineers to Surveyors and Mine Managers, everyone in Mining plays a critical role in our success. Within this diverse area each role demands its own specialist skills and knowledge, but all require the ability to analyze, problem solve and make critical decisions whilst working effectively as part of one big team. 

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Safety, Health & Environment

Our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) teams are at the heart of our constant push to improve our global operations and practices. They develop, implement and maintain world-class safety and environmental programs whilst ensuring safe and healthy workplaces for our family members and our communities.

Not only do our SHE teams see to it that our processes and practices are in line with legislation like environmental requirements, they also play an essential role in creating a culture of SHE responsibility among our people. And because their job would be incomplete if they did not look to improve, they regularly review how we work, establishing indicators and measuring and reporting on performance.

The ability to assess and manage risk, a sharp eye for detail and a talent for making informed decisions are some of the key skills we look for in our SHE team members.

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Science, Chemistry Laboratories and R&D

With dedicated, world-class Research & Development laboratories, our scientists strive to meet and exceed the ever-changing requirements of our customers through developing and commercializing new products and technologies. Our ongoing success depends on the constant flow of new ideas, so we invest in the equipment and people that will help us deliver new and better ways of working with and manufacturing titanium.

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Strategy & Development

Our strategy and development team is renowned for developing new projects that will deliver ongoing growth for the business. The team fosters creativity and flair and looks beyond traditional boundaries, seizing opportunities that will deliver most value to our business. 

The team are well informed staying at the forefront of developments in the industry and using their knowledge to the best advantage of the company in the short, medium and long term. To be successful in this team you will need an in-depth industry knowledge combined with strong business acumen and well-developed business planning skills.

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Supply Chain

From sourcing raw materials to delivering brilliant titanium dioxide products, our Supply Chain experts work hard to get our products to customers whilst making savings and guaranteeing sustained performance.

Our supply chain business covers a diverse range of areas from distribution to logistics to business planning and procurement. These diverse team are experts in sourcing materials and services, ensuring the readiness and availability of our products for our customers, and guaranteeing that orders arrive when we say they will and meet with customer specifications.

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Your rewards

  • As well as a competitive salary, we offer all our employees performance-based rewards. Our packages vary according to position, business area and where in the world you work – but they will always show just how much we value you and your contribution.

  • As an experienced professional, you will enjoy the flexibility to challenge yourself through varying job roles, plus benefit from the opportunity to work in different businesses, functions and locations. 

  • As a global organization there are many opportunities for even the most experienced professionals to develop. And because your success is our success, we will help you grow in a number of ways. 

Your development

  • People are at the heart of our Business Strategy, and are key to maintaining our competitive advantage. whichever role or area of the business you work in,  we will help you understand areas where you could develop and provide the resources and tools you need to do so.

  • As well as taking advantage of gold standard courses and certified training from professionals, you will be able to access our online learning tools. This allows you to map your personal learning journey and identify gaps in the skills you need to excel in both your current role and roles you may aspire to in future. 

  • With a catalogue of materials aimed at employees at every stage of their career, you will be able to select structured learning and training activities that are matched to you. Ultimately, our learning tools will see you benefit from the knowledge of our global team as well as industry expertise – and we will both be better for it.

Working together

Across every part of our organisation, we work side-by-side to deliver the innovative titanium products and services that our customers’ businesses are built on. From the mine to the warehouse, collaboration is at the heart of our working culture, helping us find better ways to do more and to continue to lead the field.
HR Business Partner Veronica Sargeant
Tara Thompson
Atif Al Farshooti
Process operator Bahauddin Ibrahim AL-Hawsawi
Warehouse Operator Dirk Torfs
James Fernley
Process Control Specialist Colin Welsh
Kevin Chung
Process Engineer Mario Andre de Oxossi Santos Bernardo
Senior Process Safety Engineer Craig McManus
Senior Packing Operator Mel Jones
Trainer Mathew Nicholson

Working Together

Although HR doesn't get directly involved in pigment manufacturing, as a Business Partner I contribute to its success through working in partnership with our teams to help foster a performance and learning culture, and make sure our family members have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.
I have responsibility for the training requirements for the engineering team on one of our sites. That means I identify and prioritize the training needs together with the team, and then design, build and develop the programs to meet those requirements. I'm also involved in training implementation and delivery.
Exploration Mining
We are at the grassroots of the pigment making process. We discover potential future mining projects and help with their development. We work closely with the mine planning team to get these projects up and running. These projects then become the mines that supply Illmenite, Rutile and Zircon to the pigment industry.
I'm involved in the physical extraction of loader operating through to the spiral separation of the mineral. My team is right at the primary stage of the physical extraction from the mine pit and we work with the mine planning, surveying, safety and environment and metallurgy teams on a daily basis.
Raw Material
I work with the business to source material and services for our operations. It could be materials such as coke, ore or gas, or it could be looking at training providers or office supplies. I also ensure the working relationships with our suppliers are maintained and developed.
Pigment Manufacturing
My team is involved in what we call the heart of the TiO2 Pigment process, the oxidization process. In my role I have to understand how the plant has been operating at the start of my shift and if there are any areas I need to address. I check the equipment and record the data into our operating system and if necessary take any corrective action. I also identify any maintenance requirements in my area and flag these to the relevant teams.
I'm involved with all aspects of controlling the pigment process and develop the control system to allow the operators to make high quality pigment, safely, while protecting the environment. We start when the pigment is in the raw materials stage, and take it through the chlorination, purification, reaction and treatment stages, until it ends up in the packed bags.
My job is to identify and implement continuous improvements to processes to reduce costs and increase quality across the site. Doing that well means working with different teams to define strategy – everyone from Operations and Process Control to Maintenance and Reliability.
My role helps all of Cristal's global sites achieve compliance and best practice in process safety systems and standards. As the role is not site-based, I don't directly interact with the pigment making process. However, I do work with departments wherever there is a process safety impact. This even includes departments not traditionally associated with process safety, such as HR.
We take the dry pigment from the Wet End, pack it, and get it onto pallets for our customers; ensuring that the customer gets a smart, tidy and clean product. We work closely with the Wet End operators, who we get the pigment from, and the warehouse operators, who ship the product out. We also work with technicians to ensure our equipment is operational.
Commercial Services
I prepare and pick customer orders at the end of the process when the finished product needs to be transported to the customer. That means loading and unloading trucks and placing the right product in the right place within the warehouse. Along with the rest of my team, I work with shipping coordinators, warehouse supervisors and logistic coordinators.
I work at the final stage of the process, selling pigments to our customers. However, by inputting customers' needs into Manufacturing, I can also find myself at the beginning of the process. Primarily my role is to plan, implement and report on sales within my market, but I also work collaboratively with a range of supporting teams such as Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales & Operational Planning.


All our vacancies are posted here on the Careers website. You can search for available positions and submit your application using our job search page.

If you are unable to find a suitable position, we would encourage you to register for Job Alerts on the Job Search section of our Careers website. When a position becomes available that matches the criteria you have selected, an email will be sent to you with details of the role(s) and how to apply. You should also consider following our LinkedIn careers page, which we update regularly.

We no longer accept speculative résumés by email. All candidates must complete and submit an online application or profile through our website. If you have any difficulties (technical, medical or otherwise) and need any assistance or adjustments, please let us know by getting in touch with the relevant site.

That depends on you. You can save your application and return to it at a later stage to review and amend it until you are completely happy with your responses. Just make sure you submit it before the closing date. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on the opportunity to apply.

This will depend on the number of applications we receive, but we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.

Our recruitment process can vary slightly depending on which location you are in, but you can generally expect to online testing as well as a face-to-face interview. You may also be asked to complete a presentation or case study. Further information can be found in the Recruitment Process page.

Yes. Where appropriate, we encourage employees to study for external qualifications or accreditation.