Operators & Trades

At Tronox, we respect the contributions of our Operators and Trades professionals. Their technical knowledge and skill keep our machinery maintained, our product quality high and our customer deliveries on schedule. They are essential to the ongoing success of our global business, and we make sure we offer them a work environment that is collegiate, friendly and, above all, safe.


Asia Pacific

Our work in Asia Pacific covers a broad range of countries but our Operations and Trades talent are based in Australia. From the titanium dioxide-producing Kemerton and Australind plants that make up our Bunbury Operations to our mining operations in the Murray Basin and the South West of Western Australia, our presence in the country is significant. The Bunbury sites alone occupy 55 hectares and employ nearly 350 staff and contractors. Our Gingko, Snapper, Wonnerup mines along with our Broken Hill and Northshore mineral separation plants also employ around 350 people in total.

Whatever stage of the process you join us at – be it producing zircon or rutile-rich non-magnetic products for processing or producing titanium dioxide through the chloride process – you will find that we work together. For us, that means putting Health & Safety first, both for our people and our communities. 

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Our Willebroek site in Belgium is home to our distribution centre. When our products are shipped from our manufacturing plants across Europe, they come here. They are then loaded up on to pallets or trucks for transport to our customers. Day-to-day, the distribution centre teams work hard to ensure our products get to where they need to be, when we have promised they will be there.

he Willebroek site is a tight-knit operation where everyone works together to deliver for our customers. But as well as taking a collaborative approach, every employee plays their part to ensure we maintain the highest safety standards. 

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Our Thann Plant employs around 330 employees and contractors and is located on a 15-hectare chemical complex in the Thur Valley, Alsace. As well as being one of our many production facilities, the Thann plant was the world’s first to produce titanium dioxide (TiO2).

At our Thann operations we use a wet chemical process which uses sulfuric acid to extract and purify TiO2 in anatase crystal form. The raw pigment is then finished into a product that is applied to specific end products, like paper, paint, plastic and rubber. The Thann plant also specializes in producing the titanium tetrachloride that is used for pearlescent pigments for automotive paints, amongst other applications. Our teams here also produce ultrafine TiO2, which is a revolutionary product used in the design of self-cleaning surfaces and to control air and water pollution.

The Thann plant’s rich heritage is something we are incredibly proud of. But we also look to the future, and every single employee at the site works together to ensure a brighter one. For us, that means making sure our Zero Harm safety vision becomes a reality.

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our ultra-modern titanium dioxide  plant is based in Yanbu.

Here you will find that our teams work together collaboratively as a family. We also give back to our local communities wherever we can and, crucially, take a zero harm approach to health and safety in the workplace. 

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United Kingdom

Our Stallingborough Plant in North East Lincolnshire is the largest volume titanium dioxide (TiO2) facility in Europe. Using chlorine to react with titanium-bearing ores in a high-temperature process, our team here produces high-purity TiO2. Based on the south bank of the River Humber seven miles from Grimsby, the Stallingborough plant occupies a 160-hectare site and employs over 450 professional, technical and craft employees as well as some 100 contractors.

Although it is a big, successful operation, the entire UK plant works together. That means taking a collaborative approach and everyone playing their part to ensure our Zero Harm safety vision becomes a reality. Our teams also give back to their local communities through a range of initiatives.

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What is in it for you

Our team members are important to us. So in addition to opportunities to grow and develop their careers, we offer a range of competitive benefits. In Australia these include:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package 
  • 12.25% superannuation
  • Group Salary Continuance and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • 25% Leave Loading
  • A variety of different rosters and allowances across our different sites 
  • Participation in the Short Term Incentive Scheme, an annual performance based bonus

What is in it for you

Our employees are important to us. So in addition to opportunities to grow and develop their careers, we offer a range of competitive benefits. In Belgium these include:

  • A competitive salary
  • Participation in the Short Term Incentive Scheme, an annual performance based bonus
  • Group insurance
  • Pension scheme
  • Life assurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Hospitalization insurance
  • 25 days’ annual leave
  • Lunch vouchers

What is in it for you

Our employees are important to us. So in addition to opportunities to grow and develop their careers, we offer a range of competitive benefits. In France these include:

  • A competitive salary
  • Group insurance policies
  • A pension scheme
  • Health insurance
  • Participation in the Short Term Incentive Scheme, an annual performance based bonus

What is in it for you

Our employees are important to us. So in addition to opportunities to grow and develop their careers, we offer a range of competitive benefits. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, these include:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package 
  • 25% housing allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Medical coverage
  • Educational allowance to support children’s educational expenses
  • A return family flight home for our non-Saudi  employees or a 5% air ticket allowance
  • A Ramadan bonus of an additional monthly Basic Salary
  • Participation in the Short Term Incentive Scheme, an annual performance based bonus

What is in it for you

Our employees are important to us. So in addition to opportunities to grow and develop their careers, we offer a range of competitive benefits. In the UK these include:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package
  • Participation in the Short Term Incentive Scheme, an annual performance based bonus
  • Pension scheme
  • Life assurance
  • 25 days’ annual leave
  • Training and development support
  • Different shift rosters that provide flexibility in working arrangements

Typical roles

In Australia, we look for a breadth of expertise in a variety of roles. In our pigment business, these can range from the Instrument & Electrical Technicians who maintain, service and repair our equipment to the Process Operators who carry out complex chemical plant processes to the highest safety standards. We also recruit Boilermaker Welders, Mechanical Technicians, Electrical Technicians, Dispatch/Supply Officers and Panel/DCS and Warehouse Operators.

Our mining operations also require a diverse range of skillsets, and we seek out people of all levels of experience to join us as Mineral Separation Plant Operators and Dry Titan Mining Unit Operators. We also look for Mine site Electricians, Mechanics and Operators. Our Operators here play a hands-on part in the mining process and operate both fixed and mobile machinery to ensure we meet our production targets safely and on time.

Typical roles

The Willebroek centre is always looking for committed Warehouse Operators to join the team. Together these individuals mobilise the distribution of our product to customers around the world.

Typical roles

In Thann, we look for talented Operators and Tradespeople in a number of different roles. These include Process Operators, Instrument & Electrical Technicians and Maintenance Technicians. We also look for talent in our Control Rooms, where Control Room Operators monitor and ensure the safety of multiple interconnected chemical units.

Typical roles

We recruit a broad spectrum of talent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This ranges from Forklift and DCS Operators through to the Process Operators who deliver complex chemical processes and a wide range of trade qualified employees from Welders through to the Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument Technicians who keep our non-stop operations running. 

Typical roles

We recruit Operators and Trades professionals into a variety of roles in Stallingborough. These include Process Operators, Maintenance and Mechanical Technicians and Instrument and Electrical Technicians. We also employ Packing Operators to keep packing production running smoothly and Control Room Operators to play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the plant as they oversee the multiple interconnected chemical units.

Working together

Across every part of our organisation, we work side-by-side to deliver the innovative titanium products and services that our customers’ businesses are built on. From the mine to the warehouse, collaboration is at the heart of our working culture, helping us find better ways to do more and to continue to lead the field.
HR Business Partner Veronica Sargeant
Tara Thompson
Atif Al Farshooti
Process operator Bahauddin Ibrahim AL-Hawsawi
Warehouse Operator Dirk Torfs
James Fernley
Process Control Specialist Colin Welsh
Kevin Chung
Process Engineer Mario Andre de Oxossi Santos Bernardo
Senior Process Safety Engineer Craig McManus
Senior Packing Operator Mel Jones
Trainer Mathew Nicholson

Working Together

Although HR doesn't get directly involved in pigment manufacturing, as a Business Partner I contribute to its success through working in partnership with our teams to help foster a performance and learning culture, and make sure our family members have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.
I have responsibility for the training requirements for the engineering team on one of our sites. That means I identify and prioritize the training needs together with the team, and then design, build and develop the programs to meet those requirements. I'm also involved in training implementation and delivery.
Exploration Mining
We are at the grassroots of the pigment making process. We discover potential future mining projects and help with their development. We work closely with the mine planning team to get these projects up and running. These projects then become the mines that supply Illmenite, Rutile and Zircon to the pigment industry.
I'm involved in the physical extraction of loader operating through to the spiral separation of the mineral. My team is right at the primary stage of the physical extraction from the mine pit and we work with the mine planning, surveying, safety and environment and metallurgy teams on a daily basis.
Raw Material
I work with the business to source material and services for our operations. It could be materials such as coke, ore or gas, or it could be looking at training providers or office supplies. I also ensure the working relationships with our suppliers are maintained and developed.
Pigment Manufacturing
My team is involved in what we call the heart of the TiO2 Pigment process, the oxidization process. In my role I have to understand how the plant has been operating at the start of my shift and if there are any areas I need to address. I check the equipment and record the data into our operating system and if necessary take any corrective action. I also identify any maintenance requirements in my area and flag these to the relevant teams.
I'm involved with all aspects of controlling the pigment process and develop the control system to allow the operators to make high quality pigment, safely, while protecting the environment. We start when the pigment is in the raw materials stage, and take it through the chlorination, purification, reaction and treatment stages, until it ends up in the packed bags.
My job is to identify and implement continuous improvements to processes to reduce costs and increase quality across the site. Doing that well means working with different teams to define strategy – everyone from Operations and Process Control to Maintenance and Reliability.
My role helps all of Cristal's global sites achieve compliance and best practice in process safety systems and standards. As the role is not site-based, I don't directly interact with the pigment making process. However, I do work with departments wherever there is a process safety impact. This even includes departments not traditionally associated with process safety, such as HR.
We take the dry pigment from the Wet End, pack it, and get it onto pallets for our customers; ensuring that the customer gets a smart, tidy and clean product. We work closely with the Wet End operators, who we get the pigment from, and the warehouse operators, who ship the product out. We also work with technicians to ensure our equipment is operational.
Commercial Services
I prepare and pick customer orders at the end of the process when the finished product needs to be transported to the customer. That means loading and unloading trucks and placing the right product in the right place within the warehouse. Along with the rest of my team, I work with shipping coordinators, warehouse supervisors and logistic coordinators.
I work at the final stage of the process, selling pigments to our customers. However, by inputting customers' needs into Manufacturing, I can also find myself at the beginning of the process. Primarily my role is to plan, implement and report on sales within my market, but I also work collaboratively with a range of supporting teams such as Supply Chain, Marketing, Sales & Operational Planning.


We recruit for a wide variety of trade and operator roles including Instrument & Electrical Technicians, Boilermakers, Welders, Minesite Operators, Electricians, Plant Operators and Warehouse Operators. The qualifications vary from region to region, take a look at the job adverts on our Job Search page for country specific details.

All our manufacturing sites operate 24 hours a day all year long so we offer a range of shift options depending on the needs of the business. The type of shift will typically be included in the job advert for the region.

We are committed to ensuring employees can safely perform their jobs. Our employees are encouraged to take advantage of the many training opportunities at Cristal— from traditional courses and workshops to online training, coaching and working on cross-functional teams.

We are committed to hiring the right people who hold the same outlook and values as us. Because requirements in our trade and operator roles are constantly changing, essential training, education, work experience and skill requirements are evaluated on an ongoing basis.   All our career opportunities including a job description, qualifications and the experience required are posted on our Careers page.  If you can’t see the right opportunity you can still register your details and set up an email alert so we can notify you when a position matching your criteria comes up.